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I’m Mr Sarayi, an inventor of hydraulic damper with various applications in different industries including elevator hydraulic buffer, automobile shock absorbers… with remarkable technical characteristics. I have solved technical limitations and problems of industrial dampers or shock absorbers, as following:
1.	Proportional and intelligent reaction to force magnitude and strike acceleration (during free fall or striking objects, it can react to them according to strike acceleration and strike magnitude due to its innovative design. It acts both in direction and opposite to force due to mobile structure of its components, so holes and effective areas in hydraulic pressure (mobile pistons) are decreased according to strike acceleration/velocity and open holes are increased according to hydraulic pressure gradually.
2.	In this damper, several pistons have been used leading to exert force on much more surfaces in comparison with other dampers, therefore inside hydraulic pressure of damper is less than other dampers in certain force. Also because of piston movement in direction or opposite to contact force, this force would be neutralized and absorbed faster. It also solved the limitation of hydraulic failure in high velocity/ acceleration.
3.	In less length and constant cross-section, there is more hydraulic oil in this damper than other ones, because shaft is not inner and has been removes.
4.	Vacuum suction force and atmosphere pressure have been used in one part off damper to absorb strike pressure which improved damper efficiency.
5.	In this innovation, strike force and hydraulic pressure of different parts of damper neutralize each other due to unique design, it means that in addition to energy absorbance by high pressure exit of fluid from orifices and heating fluid procedures, hydraulic pressure of different inner parts of damper, would be neutralized each other by innovative methods similar to repulsive force in magnets.
Therefore according to above technical properties of this innovation, I request you to engage in large scale development or possession transition to your company, or if you want I will provide innovative documents or technical maps/ prototypes, absolutely after contract.
Sincerely yours