Amirhosein Zalaghi

This website is not meant for retails. We created this website for two main reasons:

First reason

To introduce Iranian economical opportunities in the body of commercial, service, agriculture and production companies, in order to provide a substratum for selling the goods and productions to foreign traders and all who are interested in Iranian goods and products throughout the world. Some free of charge space is provided in this website for all companies, factories, production and service institutes in order to completely introduce their complex and products. Trough proper and oriented advertising, website managers try to prepare a situation in which it would be possible to contact foreign buyers and therefore create the basis of more sales. Therefore, you are required to enter your company information and products more precisely when registering and to fill in all the related fields. The complete and professional introduction of company leads to the more and better recognitions. In order to achieve success, you need to think professionally and perform professionally. Success will not be achieved by accident but it requires planning, innovation and patience. The true and accurate cooperation between you and us provides the basis for more activities. In this website, we tried to have dual aspects, one to the domestic companies and producers and from the other hand to the foreign buyers and the great international markets.

Second reason

To create a space for registering the information of foreign buyers' companies and explaining the whole purchase conditions. All foreign companies that are the buyers of Iranian merchandises can register complete and accurate information of their companies in this website free of charge. We hope that by creating such a basis, we could be able to provide the possibility of direct cooperation between the buyers and the sellers. All of the buyers of Iranian goods can use the groups' high potentials in order to prepare and introduce Iranian products. We have a developed commercial relation with lots of Iranian producers and we provide the possibility of direct cooperation for you. All consultations in product introduction will be free of charge. Keep in touch with us if you want to purchase Iranian goods and products. Finally, one recommendation for the sellers: all prices should be very low and competitive; otherwise, sales are not going to happen.

Amirhossein Zolghi
The Founder of the Website